The e-Porsche fender is where you’ll find the electric car’s charging port .

Image: Porsche

Porsche is charged up and ready to go with its first electric sports car, the Mission E.

The luxury sports car brand first introduced the Mission E in 2015 and is expected to freeing it in 2019. This week the German carmaker’s head of electric vehicles revealed more about its charging the capacities and the company’s plans to take on Tesla.

Stefan Weckbach told Ars Technica the electric car is still very much a Porsche even if things appear a little bit different under the hood. “The entire corporation is working towards a single goal: with Mission E, the authorities concerned will offer a amply electric Porsche, which is a perfect fit for our brand, discovers approving with our clients, and rightfully carries the name ‘Porsche.'”

In Autoblog, Weckbach added, “Porsche is unlikely to lower itself to gimmicks of this kind or use sound effects” to simulate the sounds of a engine-powered vehicle instead of an ion battery. It’s espousing its electric status.

Tesla claims its Model S can go from 0 to 62 mph in under 3 seconds in Ludicrous mode. Weckbach says the stat has problems, and Porsche been critical of Tesla’s claims before. Instead Weckbach says it’s most significant to focus on “reproducible performance and a top speed which can be maintained for long periods.”

Porsche claims the Mission E will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

A look at Porsche’s Tesla competitor.

Image: porsche

An 800 -volt super charger signifies a short accusing hour — 15 minutes for 250 more miles. The quick accuse is dubbed “turbo-charging.”

The Mission E can go about 300 miles on a full single accuse. It can still accusation at a 400 -volt station, which is the typical charge capacity, though it’ll take a bit longer.

The four-door car will likewise wirelessly charge in special accusing garages with a coil installed in the storey. The Porsche will inductively accuse over the coil.

The electric car will likewise be part of a developing Porsche accusing network that’s trying to rival Tesla infrastructure. Charging stations are slated to go up at its 189 American Porsche dealerships. Six rapid chargers were already installed at Atlanta’s Porsche Experience Center and the same will follow in Los Angeles.

A European accusing system from Porsche with Audi, the BMW Group, Daimler AG, and Ford is in the works for 2020 to bring 400 rapid charging stations along highways.

Other details about the electric sedan had come out last year, including its $85,000 price tag.

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