If you’ve watched a couple of fright movies, you surely can recognize some of the telltale signs that things are just not going to end well. And it’s more than frustrating when characters in scary movies are totally oblivious to the key cues and situations that eventually lead to their demise. Unfortunately for this clueless girl, her appreciations were blinded by porcelain bathtubs and hardwood flooring.

Last May, Olivia A. Cole, a 37 -year-old author from Louisville, Kentucky, shared her hilarious cautionary narrative on Twitter where it went viral with over 30 k likes and shares. The writer recalled a story when she and her husband moved house-hunting and purposed up being depicted around one particular “cute bungalow.” We all know what it’s like when you really like a place, you immediately begin to imagine where all your material “il be going”, how nice the hearth is and oh! We could make a little vegetable garden in the back yard! The negative aspects, like the fact that it may have been the scene of multiple heinous felonies, are conveniently overlooked.

Inside the house, it seemed like all the well-known fright tropes unfolded into many tiny red flag, but Cole pokes fun at herself for being “that white woman” from horror movies that is utterly unaware of the signs of “devil’s handiwork.” Her creative use of GIFs add to a very modern shape of storytelling, and the narration unfolds in this way as to keep you scrolling to the very end.

Scroll down below to read her full tale and you will know what warning signs to look out for on your next home hunting quest!

Olivia A. Cole is a 37 -year-old author who shared her hilarious cautionary narration about mansion hunting

Eventually, Cole detected a place to live and we hope it’s not haunted

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