When the time comes to corporate responsibility, so many companies are quick to pass the buck, but it’s heartwarming to watch a big company step up and take matters of public health into their own hands: Heineken has unveiled new bottles with extra-long necks to commit alcoholics time to think about all the people they’re letting down.

Wow, what a thoughtful gesture. This is definitely able to help a lot of people break free of the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction.

While the brew will still have the same classic savor Heineken drinkers have always enjoyed, the bottles have been redesigned to feature an extended neck that will give anyone with a destructive are relevant to booze a few extra moments before the brew reaches their lips to reflect on the people who love and depend on them and all the promises they’ve attained before they hurl it all away. Whether it’s a spouse their craving has put through the ringer or the children they are unable to never consider “re growing up” if they don’t stimulate health a priority, the extra moments it will take the brew to travelling all the way out of the totally cool, elongated bottle will give those succumbing to their booze dependency time to really consider the consequences their drinking might have on the people they adoration the most before they decide to take that sip.

“We’re excited to debut bottles with longer necks than ever before so that valued Heineken customers who habitually booze our fresh, high-quality lager to excess will have a bit more time to think of their families and loved ones before pandering in that world-class Heineken flavor, ” mentioned a spokeswoman for the company in a press release. “We at Heineken hope that these extra-tall bottles will encourage people to reflect on the peoples of the territories they’ll be letting down and “peoples lives” they’ll be destroying if they decide to take that refreshing sip of delicious Heineken.”

That sounds pretty awesome, if “youre asking” us! It’s astonishing to discover a company that truly cares about its patrons. Our hats are off to you, Heineken!

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