When artist Pietro Cataudella wants to keep a memory of a place he has visited, a simple selfie isn’t enough for him. Instead, Pietro creates sort of a hybrid photo-drawing of the landmark. His ongoing project, CityLiveSketch — a collection of these playful images — is like a bridge, linking Pietro’s imagination and the real world.


“When I created CityLiveSketch in 2014, I was doing clear and simple drawings of landscapes and buildings,” Cataudella told Bored Panda. “A year later, I decided to do something different. I began creating images in which the illustrations are only part of the full piece, modifying and completing the actual photo. After doing so, I saw everything in a new light. Now, I often see an object very differently from how it appears in reality (for example, as part of a cartoon character).”


Cataudella has trained his eyes this way totally on his own. “I have never studied illustration or any other art discipline. I learned everything I know by myself with a lot of practice, patience, and passion driving my endeavors.”

“My current pieces begin with an object, typically a building. After I find something that intrigues me, I try to think about a link between the object’s shapes and something that I’m already familiar with. This step might take up to a few hours. After that, I start creating the image, combining all of the pieces.”


Sometimes the artist uses royalty-free images he finds online to start the process, but Cataudella loves to travel in search of inspiration. “I always prefer to use my own pictures. Thanks to CityLiveSketch, I visited a lot of places in Italy and Europe. I hope I can continue working on this project for years to come.”





















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