Aaron Carter apologized to Nick Carter for the family drama of the past several weeks! But then he took it back…

Early Friday morning, the 31-year-old tweeted and deleted an apology directed at his older brother, who just welcomed his second child with wife Lauren Kitt, writing:

“I’ve been very hurt by the fact that my big brother has not made an effort to be part of my life for a long time. So therefore, I lashed out and said some hurtful things I did not mean to say.”

The apology from the troubled star comes just over two weeks after the Backstreet Boys singer tweeted out he and sister Angel Carter would be seeking a restraining order against their brother, which they were each granted temporarily:

“After careful consideration, my sister Angel and I regret that we were required to seek a restraining order against our brother Aaron today. In light of Aaron’s increasingly alarming behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family. We love our brother and truly hope he gets the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else.”

So maybe Aaron is actually trying to put all the drama and demons from the past several weeks behind him? Recently, the musician revealed he’s been working with a team of doctors to kick his addiction to Xanax. Additionally, he recently surrendered his firearms in an attempt to show “good faith” amid the ongoing feud with his siblings.

Something else he’s kicking to the curb? The United States, apparently! Mr. Carter tweeted out on Saturday morning he has plans to move to Canada for a fresh start in a new home, where he’ll be closer to his late sister Leslie‘s husband and daughter:

“So I’m about to get a rental car and drive a few hours to go see my new home. I’m move fast. 😈 My Brother in law Mike lives here and my niece Alyssa so I have family here and Nova Scotia is one of my FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLd! Plus it makes for shorter flights for Europe tour”

“I hope Canada welcomes me and doesn’t treat me the way people do in America it’s really foul I had to get out and I moved quick. Pun intended.”

What do U make of all the Carter family drama, y’all?! Is it too little too late for Aaron to apologize? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with all your thoughts!!

[Image via Noemi Torres/WENN.]

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